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ON-AIR!                                         Studio Line: 231-947-WTCM

WTCM Mike Sinclair Weiner  11 2020 n  00

Mike Sinclair - Program Director / WTCM Mornings

Mike Sinclair has been with WTCM since the Spring of 2004. He fell in love with Northern Michigan! Mike wakes you up along with Maddie & Michelle. Tune in mornings for great country music, news, weather, sports, traffic and an occasional laugh. (Mike thinks he's funny, so play along, ok?) The Morning Show features things like WTF (What the Florida), Dumb criminals, Country Roundup at 7:50 and your chance to win prizes with the Speedy CD, every morning at 8:30. Mike is a big Pitspitters fan and a tech & gadget geek. He thinks the Eagles are the greatest band ever. Mike is a fan of a lot of different genres of music and really likes country music, especially good harmonies. He has a son, Jason and Mike met his wife Kim in Traverse City and thinks he might keep her around for a little while. Mike runs a successful mobile DJ business specializing in Weddings. And, like the line in "Kill Bill", Mike says "I'm not bald, OK? I shaved my head". Although, if Mike were to let his hair grow out now, there'd be a little more salt than pepper these days. That's OK, Mike understands that growing old is mandatory, but growing UP is OPTIONAL!

Maddy Lundy 2016 4x5 color.jpg

Maddie Lundy - WTCM Mornings

Maddie Lundy loved being on the WTCM FM Morning Show from 2016-2018 so much that when she had the opportunity to join Joel and Mike again, she jumped right in! Maddie is originally from Illinois but visited Northern Michigan her entire life because her mom is originally from here. She graduated from Beloit College with a degree in Museum Studies and History, traveled the world, and has had many interesting jobs. She moved to Elk Rapids in 2011 for the summer, ended up getting a job at the History Center of Traverse City and moved here permanently. Maddie’s husband, Alex, is originally from Elk Rapids and they have 2 beautiful little girls, live on a farm, and enjoy all that comes with living on the farm.

WTCM Carey Carlson  11 2020   00251 8x10

Carey Carlson - WTCM Middays

Carey says her job is her therapy! For many years, you have saved her heaps in counseling fees! Carey has been in radio all of her adult life. She worked from town to town and up and down the dial. She is so happy to be in Northern Michigan, working with the premiere radio company in the north, Midwestern Broadcasting. As WTCM's Music Director, Carey talks with talented musicians, artists & writers, and communicates each week with the labels, promoters & management reps about their artists. It is exciting to be able to highlight some of these new acts that are working so hard to catch your ear, that is why she created The Back Burner, which runs Sunday nights at 6pm, all we need is your brave ears to do the listening. Catch Carey middays (10a-2p). She loves your phone calls at The Corner Diner, birthdays, anniversaries, joy, sorrow, and strength...all kinds of everyday life. YOU (the listeners) are the favorite part of her job.


David Hayes - WTCM Afternoons

David was born and raised in Michigan having grown up in the Detroit area. Some people from downstate are not fond of snow, David is! He’s into fat tire biking and who knows, maybe some cross country skiing this season? David loves watching movies, and has a new passion, binge watching TV shows, watching sports, and pretending he’s participating (LOL) is a passion as well. He’s a fan of the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, and is hoping for better days for Lions too (sigh). He got into radio because he loves all types of music and often has the studio speakers blaring during his afternoon show on WTCM! David also has a huge sweet tooth, just ask his dentist! You can often find him around the station with a donut, candy bar, cookies or other sweet snacks!

WTCM Michelle Perez  12 2020 00563  8x10

Michelle Perez -  News Director

Michelle has been working in the WTCM News department for almost 20 years. She says "Having been involved in theater my entire life, radio is an absolute dream job. Being a news junkie, it doesn't feel like work most of the time." Michelle is a southern California native who studied acting and performance professionally before moving to Northern Michigan in the mid 90s. This area was going to be a "few year stop" for Michelle, but after a brief stop in New York, she came back and says Northern Michigan is truly one of the most spectacular places in the country." Michelle is married to Brian. They have two children, Samuel & Piper, and a sweet little puppy named Diablo... oh, and a cat named Twinkle (that's the name you get when you let a 10-year old name the kitten). Michelle is heavily involved in the local theater scene and is a proud volunteer with the Old Town Playhouse. Michelle & her husband also own Riverside Shakespeare, LLC, which has been doing outdoor Summer Shakespeare shows for the last 20 years. .


Rowdy Yates - Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

The Original Country Gold 

The nation’s top rated Country request show

Rowdy Yates was born in Ft. Worth, TX and is the son of the legendary Texas radio newsman Joe Holstead. Rowdy never gave much thought to any other job. With the exception of a two day career at a Sonic Drive-In, radio is just about all he has ever done. Using a green hairbrush as a microphone, the family Magnavox and a Glen Campbell album, Rowdy was ‘spinning wax’ from an early age. After getting his real radio start in Denton, TX at 15 years old, Rowdy’s travels took him to exciting places like Bryan-College Station, TX, New Orleans, LA, Oklahoma City, OK, and Houston, TX. Rowdy has been nominated three times for Disc Jockey of the Year. He is a 2013 Academy of Country Music Award radio winner and the youngest inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.  The program highlights music from Urban Cowboy to Hot Country. Each hour includes country hits from the mid ‘70s to the mid ‘90s.

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Truck Norris - Station Vehicle

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I was made in a factory out of steel, rubber, plastic and other materials. I have been told that I'm attractive, quick and RAM Tough! You'll see me with other WTCM personalities during live broadcasts. I like to take pics with listeners, so feel free to take a selfie!

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